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Generally fencing/trellis is required to determine boundaries or to give some privacy to somewhat open areas.

Some people prefer wooded posts but the majority opt for reinforced concrete posts with concrete gravel boards. Trellis looks better fixed to wooded posts as it continues the wooden theme but some do prefer concrete.

The addition of a trellis is always pleasing to the eye allowing climbing plants like wisteria or Clematis to grow though it, forming a colourful area within the garden/softening the look.

Mr Ware of Chaddesden asked us to replace the existing fence as well as create a raised border to retain bark.  There was a slope to the garden so the fence followed the contours of the ground level.

After the initial fence and raised border was created we then installed bark on top of the membrane and then slabbed the pathway with buff riven slabs.

We removed an old concrete washing line post and installed a new matching gate and side panel.


Mr Collis of Allestree asked us to replace his existing fence, which was in a poor condition, with a new post and rail fence.  Astatically he preferred the look of natural wood rather than concrete.  

Pressure treated 4 x 4 posts were used as well as heavy-duty rails so the fence will last just as long as one built with concrete products.

Before/in progress:


Mr & Mrs Manley of Oakwood wanted their dilapidated fence replacing with a new one consisting of concrete posts, smooth concrete gravel boards and 5ft heavy-duty closeboard panels. 



Mr & Mrs Rogerson of Ilkeston wanted to cover the concrete aspect of their existing fence and replace the rear section so that it was more of a timber post and rail construction.  This complimented the rural views from their back garden.

In progress/after:

Mr Benfield of Langley Mill asked us to remove the dead hedgerow and replace it with a heavy-duty fence with rock faced gravel boards:

Before/in progress:


Mrs Chapman of Allestree asked us to replace her existing fence with concrete posts, heavy-duty four foot panels and 6 inch concrete gravel boards:

Mr Bean of Little Eaton had a new post and rail fence installed.  The installation was on a steep slope and trees had to be cut back to obtain a straight line.

The fence had to have curved aspects as well as tiered areas where the ground levelled out:

Mr & Mrs De Waal of Breadsall asked us to install a new fence and gate in their front driveway as well as a curved post and rail fence in their rear garden.  We also levelled and installed two-tonnes of stone on the drive.  They had a lock installed so they could unlock the gate from both sides.

In progress:                                                                                                        

After completion:

Mrs Simone of Littleover asked us to replace her old fence, gate and make her/fit some bespoke fan trellis which was made on site.  She did not want to use concrete as she preferred the look of natural wood which she felt was more aesthetically pleasing. Heavy-duty pressure treated posts and panels were used to ensure longevity (long life).

Before/in progress:


Mrs Wooding of Duffield asked us to fit a post and rail fence up her driveway:

Front:                                            Rear:

Mrs Smith of Middleton (near Worksworth) Derbyshire, asked us to replace a 100 metres of picket fencing to secure her garden.  A bespoke picket gate was also made on site and fitted.



Mr Brocklehurst of Mackworth asked us to remove a large hedge/shrubs and install a new heavy-duty closeboard fence:

Before/in progress:



Mr & Mrs Walker of Mickleover asked us to replace their existing fence which was in a poor condition.  They chose to have a new 6ft high  fence consisting of 5ft closeboard panels and a 1ft concrete gravel board set in 8ft concrete posts to give them a little more privacy.



Sue of Mackworth asked us to take down her existing concrete fence and replace it with wooden posts, rails and featheredge boards.  The area is prone to heavy winds so additional rails were used as well as a capping rail to give it a finished look.  The capping rail will also stop the boards from splaying

Sue also had two raised beds installed and an area of the garden was gravelled.

In progress:


Mr Maxwell of Darley Abbey asked us to remove overhanging trees from the end of his back garden as they were putting considerable pressure on the retaining wall.  We then installed a new fence which acted as both a privacy screen and a safety barrier, preventing anyone falling into the road below.

Apologies to all of the traffic as the truck had to be positioned next to the wall for the term of the installation as a safety precaution. 

Before:                                                                                                   After:


Mr Harrison of Little Eaton had a drop between his garden and that of his neighbours.  He asked us to install a 60ft picket fence for safety.


Allestree Park Lake - This installation of "horizontal panels" and "horizontal panels with trellis" was installed for a customer who's garden backed onto the lake at Allestree park.  If you walk around the lake you will see the fence which was a challenge to install due to the steep fall of the owners garden as well as the drop on the neighbours side.  You will see our company sign displayed in the fence.

Below are pictures of many fencing projects that we have carried out and if you continue to scroll down you will find a range of panel options (detailing sizes available), including trellis and related items.


Mr Cheu of Heatherton Village, Littleover had a six section fence installed consisting of a one-foot concrete gravel board, three-foot heavy-duty closeboard panel and two-foot square trellis:


Mr Newsham of Allestree had his existing concrete fence taken down and replaced with heavy duty post and rails with a specially designed cap on the fencing to give it a final finish:

Before:                                                 In progress and after completion  -  including double gates which we also supplied and fitted


Mr Johal of Heatherton Village, Littleover had a seventeen section fence installed:





Mr Mackie of Allestree asked us to install two gates and fencing around this property so that it had a clearly defined and private back garden, as opposed to a fully open garden all around the house.



After - Because of the drop/steepness of the drive additional concrete gravel boards were used to raise the fence by a further six inches to continue the privacy.  You can see from the pictures that we had to take out a great deal of soil and concrete to level the base of the gravel boards.




Mr & Mrs Bellman of Chellaston asked us to install this 6ft high fence around their garden.  They wanted  the fence to reflect the age of the period property and opted for 4 x 4 pressure treated wooden posts with the benefit of concrete gravel boards.





Vijay of Duffield asked us to replace an old fence in one of his renal properties.  He wanted a commercial type fence which would last/could easily be repaired.8ft recessed posts with heavy-duty rails were used in this curved boundary.  A wide fully framed gate was also installed:



Mr Nutman of Aston on Trent wanted a heavy duty fence but astatically didn't want to see concrete posts.

The same principles were used (as the above project) in this curved fence.  Wooden gravel boards were also installed.



Hari of littleover asked us to replace his 17-section fence with heavy duty closeboard panels, concrete posts and gravel boards.

Front view:                                                                                                             Rear view from neighbours side:


Mrs Allen of Derby asked us to install a cottage style fence, double gates, a small patio and shelter with trellis.






Mr Whitton of Mickleover asked us to replace his old fence and move the location of the gate so that it was more accessible. 

A traditional lock and handle was fitted so the gate could be used as the main access when needed.



Mr Phelps of Chaddesden asked us to install a new fence in his very steep garden.  Higher panels and 9ft posts were used in some sections to give him additional privacy.

Rear view                                                                                                              Front view


Miss Heath of Chester Green asked us to install a new fence which consisted of a one-foot smooth concrete gravel board,. a four-foot closeboard panel and a one - foot heavy-duty trellis.


Mr Carmen of Little Eaton asked us to construct a fence around the front of his property to define the private garden area from the open area opposite.

Chunky pressure treated 4 x 4 posts were used as well as heavy duty rails.  The fully framed gate was made to measure.


Rhona of Spondon asked us to extend the height of the wall which was next to a public footpath in order to give her more privacy.  There was also an open area down the side of her property which she wanted closing off to make more internal space for a dog run.  Two fully framed bespoke gates were made so that there was an area for the dog as well as access to the public walkway.   We used concrete posts, closeboard panels and one-foot smooth concrete gravel boards down the side of the house.

Outside photo:                                                                                                    Inside:


Below - the fence has been raised by three-foot above the wall to increase privacy using pressure treated timbers and featheredge boards which should not need painting for two years.


Mr Long of Kingsway asked us to remove a hedge and an ivy covered picket fence and replace it with a new heavy-duty closeboard fence, using concrete posts and smooth gravel boards.

The alignment of the fence could not be 100% straight as both neighbours had built structures into the old fence line such as brick built raised boarders and stone edgings.  After discussion with both it was agreed where the fence line would run.  The difference was only a few inches but we understand the importance of boundaries and most important of all  which is the "The continued positive relationship with our customers and their neighbours".

Before:                                                                                                                    In Progress:




Mr Sharp of Barrow on Trent asked us to replace his 18 year old picket fence.  Cant rails were used rather than flat top rails so that the water would run off  and ensure the rails did not rot.  The oak posts were still OK so were re-used, saving the customer money on materials.

Before:                                                                                                                      After:


Mr Singh of Elvaston had a fifteen section dome-top fence installed as well as a raised border to give a defined planting area.  One and a half tonnes of topsoil was used.



Below - Mrs Nield of Derby had an old fence which was attached into a retaining wall.  As it was not possible to break into the retaining wall metal post holders were bolted to the wall and the new fence installed.

Below - Mr Newberry of Allestree was very happy with his 10 section dome-top fence.

Front view -                                                                                                             Rear view:


Below - Mr Holloway of Aston on Trent asked us to replace his old fence with heavy-duty closeboard panels, concrete posts and gravel boards.

Before:                                                                                                                     After:


Mr Holloway said:-

"Abbey Decking & Fencing Services can be highly recommended for superb workmanship, competitive pricing and excellent customer service.  It's easy to see why they're a Trusted Trader with Derbyshire County Council. We're highly delighted with all aspects of their work; and you will be too" . J.H. Aston on Trent

Below  - Mr Wood wanted his 100ft fence near a railway line in Duffield replacing as it had blown down in high winds.  The old fence was replaced by a 7ft closeboard fence with 9ft concrete posts and concrete gravel boards..


Mr Wood commented:

Fred/Abbey Decking & Fencing responded promptly to our emergency call after our fence had blown down in the recent high winds. He gave a quote for the whole job after discussing our requirements and was happy to advise on possible solutions.

The work was carried out on time, on budget to our specifications. Fred is a meticulous worker. We were very happy with the outcome and I would recommend Abbey Decking Systems & Fencing Services to anyone.

SW. Derby

There are a range of options available in panels, trellis, posts depending on your individual needs and the look you want to achieve within the context of your garden.  These will be discussed and agreed at the planning stage before you are sent your quotation for the work required. Some examples are below:-

Panel options - these are just a few of the many available:-

Waney Edge panel                  Closeboard panel            Domed closeboard panel

These are available in sizes - 3ft high x 6ft wide, 4ft x 6ft, 5ft x 6ft and 6ft x 6ft but if your wish for a smaller or bespoke size we can cut them down to fit any size opening.

The waney edge and closeboard panel are probably the most cost effective panels but there are lots of other options depending how much you are prepared to spend.  The panels below are more expensive but again it depends on what you want to achieve within your garden.

                         V arch panel                                  Omega panel with latice

         Horizontal panel with latice                                Horizontal panel

These panels come in a range of sizes and may require pre-order.

Wicket fencing comes in a rage of styles and is low impact :-

        Domed top wicket fence

 Pointed top wicket  fence      Round top wicket fence 

Wicket fence comesin 6ft wide panels with 2,3 and 4ft options.

Diamond flat, dome, bow top and standard square dome and bow top trellis can be used to create a pleasing effect above the fence panel or used as a see through panel/to grow climbing plants through and are available in a range of sizes.

Size options available:

Diamond bow top is available in one size 6ft x 280mm.

The fan trellis is available in 6ft high by 3ft wide and 6ft by 4ft.

Design 6ft x1ft   6ft x1.5ft   6ft x 2ft   6ft x 3ft   6ft x 4ft 6ft x 5ft6ft x 6ft
Diamond flat top               yesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Diamond dome topyesyesyesyesnoyesno
Diamond bow topseeabove
Square flat topyesnoyesyesyesyesyes
Square dome topyesnoyesyesyesyesyes
Square bow topyesyesyesyesyesyes

 Acorn, ball and basic post caps for use on wooded posts

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